5 Man City Podcasts Reviewed!

Three or four passionate football fans around a table shooting the breeze about your club and your club only. From autopsying the last game to crystal-balling the next. To venting about the spiteful media agenda against you and slating the player that should’ve been slung out long ago. Also, second-guessing the manager’s line-up, tactics and even his matchday clobber: What could be better?

Football podcasts are a pretty great way to blitz that journey into work or to mentally melt away into the comfort of a soft armchair.

There are at least 6 excellent Man City podcasts on the go. I have them all on my phone and so should you.

For young Blues, they can provide valuable history lessons. For veterans, they offer those sighing eye-rolls and eureka moments.

Here we review five of the very best which every City fan should enjoy.


The ManCity Show

If The ManCity show were a band, they’d be Fleetwood Mac. Headed by the gentlemanly Mr Nigel Rothband, The ManCity Show is a relatively short one compared to the others at not much more than half-an-hour.

But quality counts and this one is pure quality. And it’s definitely not one that Aleksander Kolarov should listen to anytime soon – pod regular Lisa Rabinowitz will have to have find a new bête noire when the Serbian tough guy finally leaves English shores!

How can you fail to love a podcast in which a panel member (Rob Behrens) wears “CTID” like a New Year’s honour bestowed upon him by royalty (or just by Nigel?).

Rob is old school in the best possible way, lamenting our lack of leadership and enforcers like Mike Doyle and Nigel De Jong.

This show is gratifyingly full of dry, sardonic wit, and when Rob meets up with another podcast regular in Stuart Broadkin, it can be like Alan Hansen and Chris Sutton attempting to outdo each other in most succinctly calling a spade, well, a spade.

Together with Rabinowitz and other great regulars like Dave Hodgson, Steven Alweis and Paul Demby, the panel are hard-bitten, been-there-seen-it-all City denizens who are refreshingly unsentimental, pull no punches and unlikely to swoon at the latest wunderkind or sensation-du-jour.

Nobody from the fans to Pep himself are immune to criticism: a healthy dose of no-nonsense candour.

The ManCity Show follows the old showbiz maxim of leave ‘em begging for more and the only tiny moan from me is that I’d love it to be longer given the rare treat that it is.

Favourite recent podcast moments: Dave Hodgson on Pep as “The Tortured Poet” and Bravo as a ‘hologram’! / Nigel dubbing MUFC ‘Stretford’! Love it.

The BlueMoon Podcast

Smart, sophisticated and unfailingly polite, if this podcast were a rock band, they’d be Genesis. Led by the delightfully chipper David Mooney and equally upbeat Sam Roscoe and regularly featuring the excellent Dan Burke, Richard Burns, Howard Hockin and Paul Atherton.

The BlueMoon Podcast opens with a great twangy guitar version of our anthem and is nicely structured, finishing off with Ask the Panel – and I for one don’t usually need a second invitation to assail their Twitter feed! This is the podcast you’d be happy to take home to meet your mum.

The podders usually include a segment of particular interest to Blues, and a recent one featured the plight of Elliott Fernandez – the famed City ball-boy who placed the corner kick for Edin Dzeko’s equaliser against QPR before Sergio Aguero’s heroics in Mancini’s title win.

Elliott was diagnosed with a debilitating rare form of cancer. All City fans should consider supporting Elliott and his family by visiting the website

Favourite recent podcast moment: “Hi. This is all six feet, eight inches of Costel Pantilimon and you are listening to The BlueMoon Podcast!”

93:20 Podcast

Warning: Parental Advisory Explicit Content!

Not for the faint-hearted!

This is my personal favourite and is as close to unmissable as it gets. The Led Zeppelin of the podcast world, the 93:20 Podcast has a rock and roll intro you can catch here and make no mistake, these guys are rockstars! You don’t get many more passionate City fans than host Ahsan Naeem and his amigos.

That the show is also ridiculously funny is unquestionable, and the great news is that you get at least an hour and sometimes up to an hour-and-a-half of superb punditry from Ahsan and whip-smart contributors like Jordan Elgott, Stefan Borson, Howard Hockin, Lloyd Scragg, Stephen Tudor and others. At times, gentlemanly conduct goes out the window as the chaps get stuck into each other!

From the unforgettable and stylish opener of ‘I’m Ahsan…’ this panel can morph in a heartbeat from a team of crackerjack forensic analysts into a bunch of sarcastic smart-alec sixth formers, and they can be deliciously cruel and mischievous.

From getting blocked on Twitter by celeb journos to suggesting Niall Quinn was a better goalie than Claudio Bravo, it often results in laugh-out-loud anarchy!

When the fiery Ahsan is on one, as they say, you better hold onto your hat. He can be a force of nature, and God help anyone who’s in the way! Ahsan can often only be equalised by an equally passionate Stefan Borson or pacified by the wonderfully droll yet mild-mannered Howard Hockin who also appears regularly on The BlueMoon Podcast – and this provides a double delight for listeners because there are few more entertaining analysts than The Hok.

Howard is stunningly adept at detecting hypocrisy, and general humbug leveled against us in the irritating Rags & Scouse-swooning media and then skewering it with obvious relish.

Check out his retweets on Twitter and prepare to gasp at the shamelessness of certain respected soccer scribes.

This one is not just about surface analysis either. Visits from the tactic-savvy Damo, Spanish football expert Graham Hunter and Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur provide excellent insight.

Favourite recent podcast moments: Damo on positional play/ Ahsan & Stefan knocking (verbal) bells out of each other! / Visit of Paul & Jo Lake.

The Noisy Neighbors Podcast almost slipped past my radar as it just started in September last year and I was delighted to discover a very witty and entertaining pod presented by 2 City fans (Mark and Joey) from across the pond currently in Dallas. Mark’s a Brit and Joey’s American.

The blurb on their Facebook page sums it up like this:

Outlandish fan commentary by a pair of undeniable half-wits. One Manc/One Yank.’
Now I know what you might be thinking. Before you ask, just because the presenters are US residents, that does not mean that we get treated to those horrific football Americanisms like this famous example featured on openplay.co.uk

None of that nonsense from the Neighbors.

Admittedly at first it’s a little weird hearing somebody (Joey) who sounds like Leonard from The Big Bang Theory talking about English football, but he’s quite the City scholar having been a fan since 1999 as well as being almost as funny as Johnny Galecki himself!

Joey’s droll off-the-cuff remarks often catch you off guard!

You might not want to have a mouthful of coffee near your laptop when you listen to this pod or it might just cost you a trip to the repair shop as happened to me when I laughed out loud at Joey’s describing Aguero as like a violent ballerina for his second goal in the first leg v Monaco!

Cue soaked keyboard!

Mark comes from a long established Braveheart-like tribe of City fanatics including Dad and Grandad and explains how supporting City reminds him of his Status Quo-loving dad. Zaba would approve!

This is a great podcast presented by two genuine City fanatics who just happen to live and work in America. You can learn what it’s like to follow the team abroad and also how to set up a supporters’ branch.

The music intro is one of the most addictive I’ve ever heard featuring the song St Augustine’s Day by the band Sunriser and after a few weeks of going through their archives I find this intro one of life’s little treasures. You can catch the artist on twitter @DarrylWebster and the track here

Go get The Noisy Neighbors Podcast! – Slaver some Gravy Over It!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noisypod/ Twitter: @NoisyPod

You can download the latest pod or go through the archives here or here

The Inside City Podcast

More great news for all Blues: A new Manchester City Podcast is born!

From the team at Inside MCFC comes an outstanding addition to the array of wonderful Man City podcasts that have been reviewed here by@boltfromablue which include The 93:20 Podcast, The Man City Show, The BlueMoon Podcast, The Noisy Neighbors Podcast and Blue Tuesday.

This brand new pod is  expertly hosted by Inside MCFC Editor-in Chief and faithful City follower Shane Burns who has featured on the Daily Mail, Yahoo Sport and Metro Sport . Shane also writes for Sportskeeda and leads the Sportskeeda Football Show.

The Inside City Podcast features regular InsideMCFC writers Jack Heale and Ashley McDuff.

However in much the same way that Pep Guardiola intends to do this summer, Shane has signed a galactico: none other than Walter Smith of Walter’s Glass Half-Full fame and this, together with Shane‘s astute questioning style make this podcast a winner and one which deserves its place in the pantheon of classic Man City pods.

If you have not yet checked out Walter‘s videos for BlueMoonRising on Youtube then you, my friends, are in for a treat. As funny and charming as he is knowledgeable on all things Manchester City related, Walter is an absolute star in the Man City media firmament and provides both razor-sharp analysis and laugh-out-loud moments aplenty in these recordings which often leave Shane struggling to maintain his composure as he tries to stick to the agenda!

And Shane’s pulling power does not stop with landing Walter! Recent episodes include interviews with former City player David Brightwell!

BoltFromABlue is very excited about the development of this great new podcast. You can catch the first 5 episodes here and trust me, you will be entertained!

Sample quote from Walter:

If you’re the kind of saddo that sits there…getting your red pen and just circling empty seats, you need to get a girlfriend..”


Guys, in a world where so many City fans are cynical, miserable and pessimistic, this podcast is a real shot in the arm.

Our glass is indeed half-full!

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