Buy Mbappé?

This is emotional.

For your information, The Blue himself does u-turns on this issue several times a day. Initially I responded with hostility and incredulity at any notion of parting ways with Sergio Aguero, our very own Mr. 93:20. However I can no longer ignore the rigour of the arguments.

I hate to give any credit to Baconface the ex Stretford manager,  but one thing the old Glaswegian git always got right was knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Again and again he got it right. He had a preternatural ability to detect when the tide was turning in the arc of a player’s career.

Not too far that a sizable fee could not yet be commanded. But enough that he knew that a certain player’s great days would be coming with ever decreasing regularity.

Is such the case with our beloved Sergio?

He’s got nothing left to prove to us. Perhaps he needs the impetus of winning over a new set of fans to give him the hunger to squeeze the last elements of considerable talent out of his remaining 2-3 years. Aguero, we must admit, is not a classic ‘Pep Guardiola player: Pep who insists that talent must come drenched in sweat.

And you know what? Just maybe El Kun is right to respond with a Popeye-like ‘I am what I am!”

Then there’s the other elephant in the room. Aguero seems often now to need 3-4 chances these days to score one. Those efforts to impress Pep with all that running may be taking away from his God-given ability to strike the back of the net. Perhaps he should not have to sacrifice in this way to express his sublime talent.

There comes a time in every legendary player’s life at one club when the cheers of the fans don’t thrill them as much as they once did. Sergio, for example will never top that game v QPR that won us the title. Everything else is a slightly dimmer success. Moreover he’s earned the right not to have to serve as second fiddle to any young upstart.

Kylian Mbappé is the new sensation on the block and I am persuaded that he has the hunger to be a huge success with City. Imagine he and Gabriel Jesus in tandem!

Should Pep directly invest the 60-70 million he can still get for Aguero into a fund to blow all-comers out of the water to land the young Frenchman?

Should he do the unthinkable, the thing that our greatest crosstown managerial rival always coldly had the balls to do: Sell a player at the peak of his powers?

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