The 93:20 Podcast is now on air!!

If you are still down in the dumps following City‘s loss to Chelsea, here is some exciting news to make you feel better!!

A brand new Manchester City Podcast is here – The 93:20 podcast.

And this is no ordinary one.

Followers of BoltFromTheBlue who may recall my review of the best Man City Podcasts (here) will know that the The Blue’s personal favourite was the CityWatch Pod, featuring the outstanding opinions of diehard Citizens like Ahsan Naeem, Howard Hockin, Lloyd Scragg and Stefan Borson amongst others.

Breaking News: Ahsan has announced that in an exciting new development, those same chaps who have been bringing you the best City Podcast on the planet have decided to break away and start afresh!!

Ahsan said: “Myself, Ste, Howard and Stefan are no longer the City Watch podcast. After nearly two years working with those guys, we feel it’s time for us to collectively branch out on our own. City Watch is a unique and unbelievably powerful platform and will continue to grow regardless of our involvement. For those asking about podcasts. As of tomorrow [i.e. today] everything goes back to normal. You hopefully shouldn’t have to change your RSS feeds on Itunes, Soundcloud, etc.”

The Podcast has launched complete with new logo by Paul Johnson and a new twitter account: @9320pod

Here’s part of my review of these guys that formed part of the original post:

“Warning: Parental Advisory Explicit Content! Not for the faint-hearted! This is my personal favourite and is as close to unmissable as it gets. The Led Zeppelin of the podcast world, this pod has a rock and roll intro you can catch here and make no mistake, these guys are rockstars! You don’t get many more passionate City fans than host Ahsan Naeem and his amigos.That the show is also ridiculously funny is unquestionable, and the great news is that you get at least an hour and sometimes up to an hour-and-a-half of superb punditry from Ahsan and whip-smart contributors like Jordan Elgott, Stefan Borson, Howard Hockin, Lloyd Scragg, Stephen Tudor and others. At times, gentlemanly conduct goes out the window as the chaps get stuck into each other! From the unforgettable and stylish opener of ‘I’m Ahsan…’ this panel can morph in a heartbeat from a team of crackerjack forensic analysts into a bunch of sarcastic smart-alec sixth formers, and they can be deliciously cruel and mischievous. From getting blocked on Twitter by celeb journos to suggesting Niall Quinn was a better goalie than Claudio Bravo, it often results in laugh-out-loud anarchy! When the fiery Ahsan is on one, as they say, you better hold onto your hat. He can be a force of nature, and God help anyone who’s in the way! Ahsan can often only be equalised by an equally passionate Stefan Borson or pacified by the wonderfully droll yet mild-mannered Howard Hockin who also appears regularly on The BlueMoon Podcast – and this provides a double delight for listeners because there are few more entertaining analysts than The Hok. Howard is stunningly adept at detecting hypocrisy, and general humbug leveled against us in the irritating Rags & Scouse-swooning media and then skewering it with obvious relish. Check out his retweets on Twitter and prepare to gasp at the shamelessness of certain respected soccer scribes. This pod is not just about surface analysis either. Visits from the tactic-savvy Damo, Spanish football expert Graham Hunter and Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur provide excellent insight.”

Listen to all the amazing previous episodes and catch the new ones on Soundcloud here.

The Blue welcomes this news with great anticipation and recommends that all his followers and City fans everywhere around the planet should subscribe to this podcast with immediate effect!!!

The 93:20 Podcast is here!

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