The Man City Show Podcast

Three or four passionate football fans around a table shooting the breeze about your club and your club only. From autopsying the last game to crystal-balling the next. To venting about the spiteful media agenda against you and slating the player that should’ve been slung out long ago. Also, second-guessing the manager’s line-up, tactics and even his matchday clobber: What could be better?

Football podcasts are a pretty great way to blitz that journey into work or to mentally melt away into the comfort of a soft armchair.

For young Blues, they can provide valuable history lessons. For veterans, they offer those sighing eye-rolls and eureka moments.

Here we review one of the very best which every City fan should enjoy.

The ManCity Show

If The ManCity show were a band, they’d be Fleetwood Mac. Headed by the gentlemanly Mr Nigel Rothband, The ManCity Show is a relatively short one compared to the others at not much more than half-an-hour.

But quality counts and this one is pure quality. And it’s definitely not one that Aleksander Kolarov should listen to anytime soon – pod regular Lisa Rabinowitz will have to have find a new bête noire when the Serbian tough guy finally leaves English shores!

How can you fail to love a podcast in which a panel member (Rob Behrens) wears “CTID” like a New Year’s honour bestowed upon him by royalty (or just by Nigel?).

Rob is old school in the best possible way, lamenting our lack of leadership and enforcers like Mike Doyle and Nigel De Jong.

This show is gratifyingly full of dry, sardonic wit, and when Rob meets up with another podcast regular in Stuart Broadkin, it can be like Alan Hansen and Chris Sutton attempting to outdo each other in most succinctly calling a spade, well, a spade.

Together with Rabinowitz and other great regulars like Dave Hodgson, Steven Alweis and Paul Demby and latterly Andy Connell (member of pop band Swing Out Sister), the panel are hard-bitten, been-there-seen-it-all City denizens who are refreshingly unsentimental, pull no punches and unlikely to swoon at the latest wunderkind or sensation-du-jour.

Nobody from the fans to Pep himself are immune to criticism: a healthy dose of no-nonsense candour.

The ManCity Show follows the old showbiz maxim of leave ‘em begging for more and the only tiny moan from me is that I’d love it to be longer given the rare treat that it is.

Favourite recent podcast moments: Dave Hodgson on Pep as “The Tortured Poet” and Bravo as a ‘hologram’! / Nigel dubbing MUFC ‘Stretford’!  / 96-year old Mr Rothband (Sr) bringing insights from City pre-Mercer.

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