Alexis Sanchez to City: 16 Conclusions

Following all the recent speculation on the potential transfer of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City, some City fans on Twitter, or ‘Twitizens‘ as I like to call them (ahem..) have reacted with less than joyful enthusiasm, questioning where the little Chilean genius would fit in.

I am reminded of the famous line from the dear departed Caroline Aherne as TV’s Mrs Merton: “So what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?

Please allow me to go all Football365 on them with the following 16 observations:

  • Do you remember the days when we had 4 genuinely world class strikers? (Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko & Balotelli).
  • Versatility: Sanchez has the ability to play anywhere across the front line and across midfield.
  • Can you imagine looking across the tunnel at your matchday opponent’s squad and seeing Aguero, Sterling, Sane, Silva, KDB, Gabriel Jesus and Alexis?
  • Observation: Elite European sides (Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern, Barcelona) generally tend to be what we might term ‘star-studded.’ That’s what we’d become by signing Sanchez.
  • When you have a straightforward opportunity to sign a galactico who wants to join you and who would weaken a rival, you should probably take it.
  • To all the Twitizens complaining about a lack of leaders in our team, we’d be importing quite a good one from whom the likes of Sterling, Jesus and Sane could learn.
  • Alexis Sanchez would without argument be a single-handed upgrade on both Navas and Nolito.
  • Do City really have so many game-changing options that we can afford to look the other way as Sanchez heads off to Spain or Italy?
  • The presence of Guardiola as City’s Head Coach is the main reason why players will want to sign for City. However a real statement signing like this one would improve things just a tad as we seek to do our business this summer.
  • I think, I just think…that Pep still understands that we need to sign some defenders this summer. Signing Alexis Sanchez will not derail that necessity!
  • If Sanchez joined City, he’d link up with fellow Chilean teammate Claudio Bravo. Their cameraderie could settle the keeper and help him to stop shots hitting the back of our net! (I know, that one’s pretty weak, lol!)
  • Pep Guardiola did not inherit Sanchez at Barcelona but actually signed the player in 2011 saying at the time:  “He can play in all three attacking positions and he shows intense defensive skills.” If he signed, we’d be getting a player Pep knows well and knows how to use.
  • Bags of self confidence: Did you know that in the final of the 2015 Copa America against Argentina in a tense penalty shoot-out, Alexis ‘Panenka’d’ the goalkeeper to win the cup? Nerves of steel.
  • Not a gamble:  It’s worth noting that Sanchez has scored 64 goals in three seasons (so far) at Arsenal. He just might have adjusted to ‘the most competitive league in Europe‘, lol.
  • Remember the days of the bustling energy of Tevez driving at opponents for 90 minutes? Alexis brings the same type of two-footed, powder-keg energy.
  • Alexis Sanchez is 28 years old (19-12-1988) and will be at the peak of his powers for the next two years.

Verdict from The Blue: No-brainer! Sign him up! Don’t worry about the specifics of selection just now. Build it and they will come!

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