Willy More Likely to Go Than Bravo?

Something has just occurred to me Blues.

I wonder just how many players in the English Premier League would not have gone on to become the big stars that they were if they had been turfed out after a bad first year?

Claudio Bravo has indeed had a terrible start to life at The Etihad but let’s face it.

He’s the one on a contract.

Willy Caballero‘s contract is up.

We know that Pep Guardiola respects contracts because when asked if Vincent Kompany would feature in his plans for next season, he replied simply: “Yes. He has a contract.”

Should this not reveal something to us about the fate of Bravo?

After all surely the Chilean deserves a settling in period? If he does not, then should Pep? Guardiola knows more than most by now that it is not always possible to hit the ground running immediately in your first year in a new country.

Moreover we should accept that Bravo would not have had a great deal of practice with so very many one-to-one Mexican stand-offs with guys with the acceleration of Jamie Vardy while playing in La Liga for Barcelona.

Additionally one thing we know for sure is that Pep is nothing if not unpredictable and certainly does not pick his line-ups or do anything for that matter to satisfy the views of the media or fans.

It would be a bit of a humiliating knock to the Catalan’s pride to admit that his decision to replace Joe Hart with Bravo was an error.

For some, that very decision is looking better every day given Hart’s form at Torino. Only in the last week, the Italian side’s president felt it necessary to come out and comment after the latest in a string of costly gaffes by our ex-keeper. Urbano Cairo has said:

There’s too much being said about Hart. Since this has been happening, his performance levels have dropped. This is already the third time we concede a goal this way and that’s a bit too much.”

Joe has conceded almost 50 goals in 30 Serie A games. Bad decision to let him go?

Willy Caballero’s contract is up. We are heavily linked with Ederson Moraes.

What do you think is going to happen?

Verdict from The Blue:

As we’ve seen at St. Mary’s and even before, Bravo is beginning to pick up confidence and we can see with our own eyes the quality of his footwork, so essential to Guardiola’s playing style.

My guess now is that Willy leaves, Ederson comes in and it will be for he and Bravo to duke it out for the number one spot next season.


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