No Sanchez, No Party?

On the subject of the future of Alexis Sanchez, there seem to be three broad schools of thought represented across the interweb:

Arsenal Fans: He’s going nowhere /  He’ll sign a new contract / You’ll have a riot on your hands etc…

City Fans: He’s ours / It’s only a matter of time / We’ve got Guardiola / Alexis loves Pep etc…

Neutrals / The Media / Rival Fans: Gunners will never sell him to a rival / He’ll go to Bayern Munich / He’ll go anywhere but City, etc…

To summarise, it appears that only in the blue-tinted vision of the most delusional City fan is it probable that the Chilean star will stretch a torso-hugging sky blue shirt over his powerful frame next season.

However let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment and focus on what many believe is the most unlikely scenario.

Let’s imagine that Wenger and Arsenal are stubborn enough to force Sanchez to play out his contract for one more season thus losing a possible 50 million quid in order to retain pride, avoid a possible fans riot and show the world AFC are no longer a City feeder club.

To force Sanchez to stay would of course make no financial sense at all, especially given Arsene-al‘s long record of penny-pinching thrift when it comes to player recruitment and so for these reasons, many City fans will not give this possibility much headspace.

But stranger things have happened. (Trump? Brexit?)

What kind of a setback would it really be if City were unable to land their prize target?

What if City don’t get Alexis Sanchez?


  • Goals: Pep said we need to buy goals. In three seasons at Arsenal across all competitions, Sanchez has returns of 25, 17 and 30. We could really do damage with those numbers.
  • Prestige: We’d miss out on what many Citizens have craved for years: a marquee statement-making galactico to make our rivals shudder.
  • Winning Mentality: Given the likely signing of proven winners like Dani Alves, we’d be missing out on the type of no-nonsense on-pitch leadership and aggression last seen between 2009-2011 in the overlap seasons of Carlos Tevez and Nigel de Jong.


Are there any upsides?

  • Player development: Some City fans argue that the signing of Sanchez would hinder the development of Sterling, Bernardo and possibly also Leroy Sane. It’s difficult to imagine Sanchez on the bench.
  • Making the striker headache worse: Some feel we have enough problems trying to accommodate Aguero and De Jesus up front. Sanchez may well add to more clashing of egos.
  • The Age Factor: Some feel that City should be looking to reduce the overall age of the squad rather than increase it. The signings of Alves (34) and Sanchez (28) are felt by some to be counterproductive.


Wouldn’t be the End of the World!

It is often said that worst-case scenarios should always be considered and accounted for. Failure to sign Alexis Sanchez would of course be monumentally disappointing. However with City‘s array of exciting young attackers further supplemented with the acquisition of Bernardo Silva, we are far from light in the attacking third.

It should also be remembered that there were a few weeks when we were all perfectly content with our proposed defensive targets before Sanchez‘ name began to enter the discussion and the speculation really got underway.

How do you feel, Blues?

How bad would it be to miss out on Alexis Sanchez?

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