If City Players were in Game of Thrones: Picture Special!

G’day, Blues!

Well, with another week remaining till the action starts, with the transfer gossip having died down a tad, and with a while yet before the next Game of Thrones episode, your friendly neighborhood @boltfromtheblu got to thinking:

How would the best team in the world survive in the world’s most popular TV show?

The comparisons are not spot on of course, but heck, here’s my little shot at projecting some big Manchester City names into the world of the 7 kingdoms!

1. Pep Guardiola & Ser Davos

Uncanny, right down to the almost matching neckwear:) Both tactically adept, both lost their mentors: Pep (Cruyff), Davos (King Stannis) but they fight on!

2. Fernandinho & Grey Worm

They could literally swap places and no-one would be any the wiser, lol:) Ferna has balls, though! Balls of STEEL!

3. Otamendi & Khal Drogo

Aggression and muscle in spades! Drogo doesn’t go diving into tackles though, lol!

4. Kevin De Bruyne & Brianne of Tarth

Say no more, say no more! Both of them LIVE TO ASSIST!

5. David Silva & Syrio Forel

They might be small in stature, but both have devastating skills that are a match for all-comers!

6. Yaya Toure & Wun Wun

Giants in the true sense of the word! Opponents shudder at the very sight of ’em! Let them eat cake!

7. Ilkay Gundogan & Moro

Battle-scarred veterans and no mistake! Moro wasn’t so lucky in staying injury free either! Ouch!

8. John Stones & The Young Wolf

Outstanding potential – we hope John doesn’t suffer a similar fate of course! Don’t lose your head when the pressure’s on!

9. Sergio Aguero & Jon Snow

Always the hero! And they always come back victoriously when you think they are down and out!

10. Kyle Walker & Daario Naharis

Proven and seasoned fighting men with devastating speed! Both left their former colleagues to join the winning team!

11. Vincent Kompany & Beric Dondarrion

Think about it…

12. Bernardo Silva & Oberyn Martel

Outrageous speed, skill and footwork:) Always keep your EYES on the prize!

13. Jaden Sancho & Joffrey

The villain! Ahahaha! Matching smug grins! It’s not big or clever to think you’re better than the rest!

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