Autopsy of a Nightmare

Over the course of a season we have been the best team in the PL and performed to a consistently high level; hopefully this will be confirmed on Saturday. But what the hell was wrong with every single one of our players yesterday?!?

      – The Man City Show‘s Lisa Rabinowitz

Morning Blues

More than anything else, this particular blog-post serves as something of a dose of self-administered trauma therapy. It has forced me to reluctantly channel my inner Ian Holloway and employ some tortured imagery.

This morning is like one of those episodes that we all hope we’ve grown out of by now: the sunlight enters the room at sunrise. As you blink the sleep from your eyes and try to focus, for a few micro-seconds all seems well.

Then there’s the jolt. An unwelcome surge of adrenalin. The imprecise but yet still powerful realisation that something’s not right. You can’t put your finger on it but then it hits you. Fragments of memories begin to coagulate in your drowsy neurons until finally you realise the full magnitude of the horror of what’s happened.


It doesn’t involve a drunken indiscretion and the presence of an unfamiliar personage in your bedroom.

It’s the reality that City, our City, our glorious all-conquering blue boys were given a roasting last night at Anfield in the Champions’ league QF first leg.

Dunno about you, but for me the dominant emotion is…confusion.

As I thought about the match in the days leading up to it, I suppose like all of us, I day-dreamed about a comfortable City win.

But because it’s Liverpool at Anfield, a narrow win or a draw was always a more likely outcome. Something to take back to The Etihad.

What never occurred in the loaf even for a nanosecond was a thumping reverse to the Scousers and an ensuing week of media mockery.

Oh yes.

It’s coming.

The fact that they rattled us and stuck three goals past Eddie was not altogether a surprise. On their day, that’s what they can do. They did that to us earlier in the season in the league game at Anfield.

But we got 3 back in that game even if the media tried to Photoshop those goals into oblivion. A repeat of that game would have been just what the doctor ordered in a 2-legged tie.

All credit to Liverpool (the bus-vandalising bastards) but my confusion comes in this way: Why could we not score against them?

Would Raheem have made a difference had he been on? Why was Leroy so ineffective against Trent-Arnold? Gabby J was feeding on scraps. Spanish Dave was off his game and even KDB was muted.

Was the universe giving Pep a slap on the head for pissing about with the line-up unnecessarily (i.e. Laporte/Gundogan?)


Were the players guilty of sheer en masse complacency? There was an improvement after the break but still no incision.

Surely this was a freak one-off that can only happen against that team at that ground marshalled by that manager?

At The Etihad next week there’ll be no bus pelting hooligans, a massive home attendance with only about 3000 dippers and with any luck Sergio Aguero.

How we need him now.

Surely lightning cannot strike twice?

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