Man City Podcasts Reviewed: No.1 The Blue Moon Podcast

Manchester City Podcasts & Shows 

Things have changed a lot since I wrote the first ever review of Manchester City podcasts. The CityWatch podcast died with Ahsan, Howard, Ste Tudor, Stefan and friends forming the new 93:20 pod.

The Noisy Neighbors podcast emerged as the funniest pod on the planet!

Ian Cheeseman¬†left the BBC. His radio show¬†Blue Tuesday¬†(also released as a pod)¬†was taken over by Jimmy Wagg and continues simply under the name of BBC’s Sport at 6. Undeterred, Ian is now ubiquitous, featuring as host of the new¬†CityWatch¬†podcast, as a guest on¬†Talking City¬†(The new¬†MEN¬†City podcast) and is also on the¬†XS Manchester Football Social¬†in 2 shows released as pods:¬†Forever Blue (as host)¬†and¬†The Wednesday Club.

The CityzenAbroad Podcast has surprised many by showing how a one-man podcast can be done with style. Shane BurnsInsideCity podcast bit the dust but…

The BlueMoon Podcast & The ManCity Show have sailed onward &  undisturbed.

So after all these changes it is time for another review. In no particular order we start with…

1. The Blue Moon Podcast

Undoubtedly the slickest pod, with excellent production values and a clear structure, The Blue Moon Podcast goes from strength to strength. Hosted by ESPN’s¬†David Mooney and Sam Roscoe (Imagine FM), the Blue Moon pod features great music (downloadable!) and weekly special features.

From the wonderfully twangy guitar version of our anthem, the delightfully upbeat hosts chat with guests of the calibre of Yahoo Sports’¬†Richard Burns, ESPN’s Jonathan Smith, MEN’s Simon Bajkowski,’s Sam Lee, the Daily Mail’s Jack Gaughan, author Howard Hockin¬†and other great commentators including but by no means limited to Paul Atherton, Josh Gartside, Murd, Andy McNab, Kieran Clarke & Ciaran Murray.

The Blue Moon podcast is a real gem and a personal favourite.

Mooney and Burns in particular have an almost encyclopedic memory for little details from matches going back to the 1990s and these are accompanied by lovely little stories, vignettes and reminiscences that add a dash of real colour to their work.

A particularly priceless set of jewels is available to Patreon subscribers (of which I am proud to be one) in the form of 1-1 interviews with a whole host of former players and managers going waaay back in City‘s history. For a subscription as low as a couple of quid per month, there are hours of wonderful material to listen to and that is why The Blue Moon Podcast should be a part of every City fan’s week. Get it by clicking here.


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