Man City Podcasts Reviewed. No.2: The Man City Show

Manchester City Podcasts & Shows 

Things have changed a lot since I wrote the first ever review of Manchester City podcasts.

The CityWatch podcast died with Ahsan, Howard, Ste Tudor, Stefan and friends forming the new 93:20 pod.

The Noisy Neighbors podcast emerged as the funniest pod on the planet!

Ian Cheeseman¬†left the BBC. His radio show¬†Blue Tuesday¬†(also released as a pod)¬†was taken over by Jimmy Wagg and continues simply under the name of BBC’s Sport at 6. Undeterred,¬†Ian¬†is now ubiquitous, featuring as host of the new¬†CityWatch¬†podcast, as a guest on¬†Talking City¬†(The new¬†MEN¬†City podcast) and is also on the¬†XS Manchester Football Social¬†in 2 shows released as pods:¬†Forever Blue (as host)¬†and¬†The Wednesday Club.

The CityzenAbroad Podcast has surprised many by showing how a one-man podcast can be done with style. Shane BurnsInsideCity podcast bit the dust but The BlueMoon Podcast & The ManCity Show have sailed onward &  undisturbed.

So after all these changes it is time for another review. In no particular order we have:

MCFC- specific Podcasts

No.2. The Man City Show

Another wonderful City pod is The Man City Show hosted by Nigel Rothband and featuring an array of superb guests including but not limited to¬†Stuart Broadkin, Lisa Rabinowitz,¬†Steven Allweis, David Blakeney,¬†¬†Sarah Messenger, Paul Demby,¬†Nick Goldstone, Dave Hodgson,¬†Graham & Finley Reid,¬†Steve Cox,¬†Tony Newgrosh, Mr Rothband Sr., Yogi and Swing Out Sister‘s Andy Connell!

A Playback Media¬†production and now sponsored by Ladbrokes, The Man City Show¬†is full of dry wit and articulate dissection of the issues and performances.¬†¬†The show that hilariously birthed “The Hologram” as a nickname for a certain goalkeeper is full of laugh-out-loud moments!

City fans will fall in love with the totally uncompromising Nigel Rothband in his stoic refusal to grant the Paul Pogba team even geographical validity!

Who will be next on Lisa‘s hit-list now that Kolarov has gone?

Will we ever hear from The Ombudsman (Rob Behrens) again?

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