Man City Podcasts Reviewed: No.3: The 93:20 Podcast.

Things have changed a lot since I wrote the first ever review of Manchester City podcasts just a year and a bit ago.

The CityWatch podcast died with Ahsan, Howard, Ste Tudor, Stefan and friends forming the new 93:20 pod.

The Noisy Neighbors podcast emerged as the funniest pod on the planet!

Ian Cheeseman left the BBC.

His radio show Blue Tuesday (also released as a pod) was taken over by Jimmy Wagg and continues simply under the name of BBC’s Sport at 6.

Undeterred, Ian has taken over the world and is now ubiquitous, featuring as host of the re-born CityWatch podcast, as a guest on Talking City (The new MEN City podcast) and also on the XS Manchester Football Social in 2 shows released as pods:

  • Forever Blue¬†(as host)¬†and
  • The Wednesday Club (as guest).

There are also his YouTube Vlogs – fan-based things of rare beauty:)

The CityzenAbroad Podcast has surprised many by showing how a one-man podcast can be done with style.

Shane Burns’¬†Inside City¬†podcast bit the dust but …

The BlueMoon Podcast & The ManCity Show have sailed onward & undisturbed.

So after all these changes it is time for another review. In no particular order we have:

No.3: The 93:20 Podcast

Things have changed a lot since Ahsan Naeem‘s lads set out on their journey to Podcast super-stardom. They have long since severed ties with CityWatch and have branched out on their own.

Still featuring the triumvirate of Ahsan himself, author¬†Howard Hockin & writer Stephen Tudor,¬†the 93:20 podcast still retains a hugely impressive cast of contributors including but not limited to: Lloyd Scragg, Steven McInerney (@EsteemedKompany), Coach Carter, @PrestwichBlue, @MCFCDamo (hugely looking forward to his World Cup analyses), the ridiculously knowledgeable Mark Meadowcroft, the deliciously vituperative Stefan Borson, Pep‘s Biographer¬†Marti Perarnau and many others.

This podcast is the beacon to which all other pods must swim. It is still hugely unpredictable, a little bit dangerous and exciting, but I still think it maintains its position at the top of the MCFC Podcast Charts.

They have several Unique Selling Points:

Ahsan: The leader STILL suffers no fools and asks questions pointedly, the sorts of questions you’d be thinking of asking yourself if anyone soft soaps the issue. He is absolutely fearless and is refreshingly unconcerned about treading on toes.

Howard Hockin: Still as droll and funny as he ever was, Howard‘s take on situations that emerge in the media are like a hot cup of Bovril, grounded and earthy with not an iota of false pretension. His retweets of journo humbug and other instances of rank hypocrisy are still priceless.

Stephen Tudor: Personally, I find the Welsh soon-to-be-married Mr. Tudor to be willing to go where few podcasters are willing to go: Absurdly witty, Ste can drive the discussion to parts of the cerebral cortex that mostly remain unstimulated: he is relentless in a Peter Cook kind of way, determined to skewer his co-guests, Dudley Moore-like, on the edges of his stunning barbs. Ste is willing to say what you might suspect, but would not dare to utter and then tease the metaphor out in different directions until you are left gasping for breath! Brilliant, brilliant punditry.

And then there’s Stefan. Have you ever heard a man so unwilling to fancy-foot around the issues? He will gladly contradict, nip, bite and dissolve arguments with searing logic, the facts always at his fingertips in a way that very few can match. A one-man wrecking-ball, he really is the master debate-specialist and he has no compunctions whatsoever about making even his very good friends squirm and twist to respond his well-baked and tightly reasoned views.

The thing about The 93:20 Podcast is that it has now outgrown all its rivals and has become a huge sprawling monster of a pod:

M√©s que¬†un podcastūüôā as Catalans might say.

There are now multiple shows and just as with The Blue Moon Podcast you are fabulously rewarded if you subscribe for less than the price of a pint a month.

  • League Matters (featuring¬†Lloyd Scragg – outstanding!),
  • City’s Youth: The Kids Are alright (@EsteemedKompany),
  • Quizzes featuring the superb Mark Meadowcroft & @PrestwichBlue,
  • Free-to-air¬† match previews and reviews: The Friday Show
  • Transfer Specials with the brilliant Sam Lee and many others from Ahsan‘s little black book of contacts (I sense an alternative career possibility option here..)
  • World Cup Pods
  • Champions League Matters

…and so many other one-off special editions.

The first thing I look for on my chosen Podcast host (@PlayerFM), The 93:20 pod is gold, boys. Just gold!

@PrestwichBlue’s MCFC History Pods with Stefan should be declared amongst the wonders of the world. I have never been so enthralled¬†than when listening to this man, describing in detail how our club came to exist in the way that it now does.

I have followed City since 1978 but @PrestwichBlue and Mark Meadowcroft pre-date me by a couple of decades.

Thanks to The 93:20 pod, I no longer feel like the oldest guy in the room in my forties, and THAT my friends, is of no small comfort in these difficult times:)

Check it out and subscribe here:

Any difficulties regarding subscription will be resolved in a trice as these podsters are famously quick and efficient to respond.

Go get it!


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